Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Scarred for life the time is right

Scarred for life the time is right. I meet up with Ben at the loveless HQ four months ago and showed him some ideas that I had, some pictures of tattoos to give the idea but mainly drawing and paintings that I had done. Some rough some detailed. I wanted him in on this, I wasnt just going turn up and say I been thinking about this and give him a blank white canvas, it had to be a joint effort, an experience to enjoy over the next years. A few weeks before the appointment I drop of the detailed work so he would have time to drawn them up. Well when I arrived he had been up most of the night sketching my dream into reality, he actually said he thought at one point he had taken on to much, but it was spot on, I didnt make any changes, the next four hours went like a click of your fingers, a laugh a joke tea colour and little pain. Two days later its was a different matter, after the first 20 seconds my battered skin could feel every drag of the nine, most of the next session was still a laugh a joke and tea, but I had to have an outer body experience to endure, I put my eyes in the corner of the room behind Ben so that I could see it develop..... the rest is just pain..the hosue of pain. Still I had my fun when Tim_dog turned up I ran over ( cheers mate) and stayed to watch the needle in the "other arm". back in October cant wait!

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