Tuesday, 6 December 2011

At last

Back on the blog, been locked out for over a week, couldn't even post from my phone whats that all about then. Work has taken up most of the time but started on the tanks, knocked the filler out and gave them a good work out with the wooden mallet (no bounce ) and the old surface table

Pull all the old sealant out the old welds look good, then on with the templates, I'll try one if the tanks are the same profile, I'll be finishing the wood off a metal thickness smaller, so it can be used as a former.

Got a quick ride to the shops on Sunday before the rain came, so in the afternoon Gordie and me went off to poke sticks at the Loveless Bonnie, which I must say is sweet as

This time of the year goes like a click of your fingers, so its time to order and getting those starting jobs out the way, Chris W tried and failed to weld Tim's frame, but work got in the way.

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