Sunday, 15 July 2012

Fixing stuff

The last few days have been about mending stuff, Gordie snapped a bolt in the cases, we expected to have to helicoil the bitch, we had to drill out the broken one so we chanced our luck. Well the lady was on our side, after grinding flat the broken bolt, center pop, and carefully drilling the old bolt with ever increasing bits, Chris (off the llama garage fame) peeled out the old thread. Job done.  Then tonight I came across a posse(not sure if a posse is the collective noun but it fits) of 16 year olds standing around a scooter. trouble boys I say, yeah air filter has come off, two minutes and a bit of spit later, sorted. I stood listening to the need  for speed and ever increasing jet sizes, what about the air I said blank look, well you need both dont you, they agree.  I leave with a quote which has been around my head for the last week.  Remember boys "you dont get speed out of a box"

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Nice, here endeth the lesson.