Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sportster clutch sorted

 Final bits arrived for Gordies sporty so it was all hands to, its been a bit of a story, the magnets flung off smashing into the stator, two damaged parts, which if you buy from the UK are +£700.  Now when you're spending this amount of money on a four speed it makes you thing about if its best to put the money in say another motor or even another bike.  I'd spent the best part of a night looking for a low cost solution and found nothing, its that old 80/20 rule.  Mr Gearhead arrives and within sixty seconds he has located a clutch hub(with magnets) in the states coming in at half the price including postage and tax. To boot the magnets are retained with a stainless band, winner. Buy button pushed, ten days later posty is knocking on the door, well not quite, Gordie has to pay the tax first.

Gordies work shop has a number of specialised tools, this one shown here is a calibrated torque wrench using a 1966 triumph Daytona fork leg, before you correct me, I don't have one that they actually raced in '66, its a '66 fitted with Daytona engine bits, head etc, but not carbs, you've seen it here before.

As the little hand reaches nine, we push the starter and check the charging, jobs a good'un

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