Monday, 9 July 2012

Time to celebrate

An ironic picture to title "Time to celebrate" but fitting none the less. 2 down and two to go, shovel sorted no leaks and going like a train, a steam train may be but still a train. The joy I got from getting Tims text on Saturday night put tears in my eyes, yet seeing him at work today summed it up, a man shattered, a week of mad building followed by a round of racing racing visibly showed, never the less there was still that far away look in his eyes, you know the one you get when its all worth while.  Over at Ammo's it was a warm welcome of coffee and a look around his "museum" of working bikes.  I took a picture but you know what, I'm keeping off this page, those that know know.

And two to go? bits for Gordies and the need to sort DD's bonnie just drop into the back ground last week, and the best bit, they didnt care, there was only one bike getting sorted last week.

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WhitelinePsycho said...

You weren't the only one gettin misty about Lovey's victory over adversity, nicely summed up, looks like the old bastard's enjoying the sustenance intake. Cheers.