Monday, 3 October 2011

Craking Norton at a Harley show?

Great ride to Kevs open day, got well and truly lost between Ashover and Mansfield, dirt roads more suited to the 500 triumph(still in bits waiting for a cash injection) then a shovel and firestorm, Gordie was loving it on the 4 speed whos gearing came into its own, I'll always support Kev even if his customers tastes on not to my likely, well actually, no I'm not going there. I'll support the man, he's sorted me out many times, its the least I could do. I got a great story from Suzi, I did Kevs ride out this year and one of the guys came into the shop and told his story, he said some one had stepped in to lead the ride at the last minute, and he laughed with his mates and said well I hope he's not on that thing pointing to the shovel leaning against the wall. When I walk up to it and kicked it he nearly died !! I couldnt stop laughing

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