Monday, 17 October 2011

Death of a peony

I took the peony picture this year the flower was about to drop, deep within the centre I could just make out a skull, you could see it if you looked deep. I showed it to the Ben Jones the Grand Designer. I asked Ben if could put it on my skin, he said "no its shit" he spent a night trying to get a subtle skull deep in the peony, which to be fair he did a great job on, when we looked at it neither of use like it, so Ben put this design together using a copy of my peony and a more classic skull, trust me he said, 3 hours later its there forever

1 comment:

loveless said...

big up mate!, it fucking hurt's, make's me laugh when you get people telling you that their 'england' tattoo didn't hurt them, it all hurt's, takes dedication to get tattooed.