Sunday, 30 October 2011

Does money buy you love?

Loving these long sunny days, the shadows stretch along the ground trying to reach the dark corners as if they will remain even when we are gone. My Internet returned at the same time my iPhone arrived. So from having no chance to post, I had two. If you see a picture with just a few words then its from my phone, if you don't then you'll get my thoughts on saving shadows. Went to a bobber/Harley auto jumble last week, didn't even know that they had their own special auto jumbles, I don't buy bobber bits, well ok a sportster tank, but that's a factory tank. Bates seats whats so great about them, period correct, well so is mine, because I made it. I got to thinking that I farm a few to many jobs out, so I want to try and do the shovel with the Wednesday Club boys with what we have in our sheds with the exception of the TIG. Two bikes made me stop and take look. A pound notes pre unit, very well done, but a bit to much bling, and then the BSA framed T Bird, was just the dogs, I real mixture of BSA and Triumph. I would much prefer the Tribsa in the garage. Talking of music in my ears I pick up my two favourite Eno CDs Life in the bush of ghosts and Here come the warm jets played to tape versions to death when I was 13 building my first push bike.

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