Saturday, 22 October 2011

Stay underground

The two different styles in some worlds would never meet. The track master Triumph with a vented twin leading front brake and disc rear just shouts slide me. Everyone who is really into triumphs would like one of these in the corner of the shed. You can buy a track master frame for two and a half thousand dollars, thats a lot of money, for an old frame. Co Built do a rotax framer for £1500, or a Rickman for about the same. The frames never come up for sale and complete bikes fetch £5k+. The deathqueen shovel is similar, if you dont need it anit there approach to a simple living makes my eyes sore trying to find the part thats not need, its sticks its finger to the lard ass hog bikes that have been born from all the TV programs. I post this picture for myself and not in the hope that others will copy the style, somethings are best staying underground.

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